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NPF Group is glad to introduce to You its new catalogue regarding components for electrical motors serie IEC/NEMA/Y2. Over thirty years experience in the production of components along with a production range of more than 700 items allow NPF to be considered as a leader reference for electrical motors and pumps manufacturers in the international market.
In accordance with customers’ requirements we developed new assembling solutions with the result of four different production ranges:

UNIVERSAL SERIE: IEC frame serie, size from 50 to 200.
NEMA SERIE: Size from 56 to 215T. These two categories indicate the different kind of feet insertion (cast or bolted); then we offer various feet-fi xing solutions: studs, stay bolts, tunnel and the new version screw/nut.
PREMIUM SERIE: New serie of frames IEC 63-100 bolted feet with fi xing thread ISO or self-threading screw (trilobate). B5 version is provided with cast holes for eventual feet fi xing; these holes can be used for assembling of protections or supports as well, according to customer’s requirements.
ECONOMY SERIE: These frames don’t need any further machining, the casting has already: fi nished stator allocation, rolled bearing seat, concentricity bearing/stator seat 0,15 mm, choice for base fi tting (small for three-phase , big with capacitor), plastic fan-cover snap-on fi xing.
EASTERN SERIE: Frames bolt and nut fi xing serie Y2 from size 132 to 200.


- The internal diameter is cylindrical and ready to shrink onto the stator pack. - The holes are ready for the thread or for self-forming screws. - Two possible positioning of the rating plate. - New version of frames with bolted feet, with the possibility of bolting the feet in the different positions. - In B3/BS (with feet and upper terminal board) and B5 version (without feet) there are 4 possible cable exits (2 on each) with open or blind knock-out possibility. - In B3/BL (with feet and side terminal board)the motor cable exits are placed on IP55, IP65 and IP44 terminal board box covers.

- The seat of the seal ring does not undergo any machining - It can be supplied either with or without seal ring sintered in the ball bearing seat.

B5 and B14 Flange
- The seat of the seal ring has to be machined. - It can be supplied either with or without sintered ring in the ball bearing seat.

- Blank or zinc plated - It can be supplied with 4 mounting holes on the housing or with 4 holes on the end-shield. - The height can vary according to the customer’s requirements.

- Made of nylon with a band clamp and screws or with a ring. - Made of aluminium with a band clamp with screws.

Terminal box cover
- Made of aluminium or ABS, either with or without cable exits in metric pitch.

Cable seal
- Made of nylon and provided of a metric thread.


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